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Provost's Imagine Fund for Arts and Humanities

2015-16 Imagine Fund Annual Award Winners

We are proud to announce the recipients and proposals that were accepted for the 2014 Imagine Fund Annual Awards. 107 awards in support of research in the arts, design, and the humanities were made in January 2015, for the 2015-16 academic year.

Please note: Applicants who are logged in to the system will not see the full list of awards. If you applied for an award, please log out to see the full list.

Namesort icon Title Campus Department
Weiqing Zhang In Search Of Lishao Jushi: How First Social-political Appeals Made Heard Through Literary Translation Duluth Foreign Languages & Literatures
Becky Yust Seeing the World through Design: The Journeys of Professor Gertrude Esteros Twin Cities Design, Housing & Apparel
Stanley Wold A Longitudinal Study of the Relationship Between Early Pedagogical Steps and Final Public Choral Performances Duluth Music
Diane Willow By Any Medium Necessary: Cybernetics Serendipity Twin Cities Art
Gabriel Weisberg The Meaning of Jane Avril: Performance Sites and Visibility Twin Cities Art History
Arthur Walzer Thomas Elyot and the Rhetoric of Counsel Twin Cities Communication Studies
Eva von Dassow Illuminating a Dark Age: Alalakh in the Mid-Second Millennium BCE Twin Cities Classical & Near Eastern Studies
William Viestenz Beasts of Burden: Bullfighting and Other Eruptions of the Creaturely in Modern Spain Twin Cities Spanish & Portuguese Studies
Tisha Turk Sound Judgment: Music and Sound in Fan Vids and the Writing Classroom Morris English
Maureen Tobin Stanley Single-authored Book project: Justice through Memory: Repression, Oppression and Incarceration in Contemporary Spanish Cultural Studies Duluth Foreign Languages & Literatures
eun-kyung suh Transracial adoptees' diaspora Duluth Art & Design
Hooi Ling Soh Determining how best to characterize the meanings of discourse particles through an investigation of meaning variations of closely related discourse particles in three languages (Colloquial Malay, Mandarin Chinese, Malaysian/Singapore Colloquial English) Twin Cities Institute of Linguistics
Ajay Skaria Ambedkar's Conversions: Hinduism, Caste, and Navayana Buddhism Twin Cities History
Suvadip Sinha Things on Screen: A study of objects in Indian cinema Twin Cities Asian Languages & Literatures
David Short "New Typeface" Evolution for Multiple Mediums Duluth Art & Design
George Sheets Criminal Law and Emotions in European Legal Cultures Twin Cities Classical & Near Eastern Studies
J.B. Shank Evangelista Torricelli: A Baroque Life in Science Twin Cities History
Paul Shambroom Lost: Photographs of Missing Pets Twin Cities Art
Jenny Schmid Flayed and Displayed: Live Animation Projection of Anatomical Prints Twin Cities Art
Christina Schmid Water Songs Twin Cities Art
Ozayr Saloojee Archival and Field Research on the Architecture of Rudolf Schwartz Twin Cities Architecture
William Salmon Dimensions of Prestige in Belizean Kriol Duluth Writing Studies
Justin Rubin Chamber Music with Strings, Piano, and Winds Duluth Music
Paul Rouzer On Cold Mountain: Hanshan and the Buddhist Reader Twin Cities Asian Languages & Literatures
Julia W Robinson Dutch Complex Housing Exhibit Twin Cities Architecture
Evan Roberts Narratives of veteran suicides after the world wars Twin Cities History
Scott Rink The Illuminations Twin Cities Theatre Arts & Dance
Thomasin Ringler Printing Space Twin Cities Art
Erik Redix Deluge at Bakweyawaa: American Colonialism in the Twentieth Century Duluth American Indian Studies
Jamie Ratliff Presence of Mind, Absence of Voice: Contemporary women's art practice in Mexico, 1968-present Duluth Art & Design