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Provost's Imagine Fund for Arts and Humanities

2015-16 Imagine Fund Annual Award Winners

We are proud to announce the recipients and proposals that were accepted for the 2014 Imagine Fund Annual Awards. 107 awards in support of research in the arts, design, and the humanities were made in January 2015, for the 2015-16 academic year.

Please note: Applicants who are logged in to the system will not see the full list of awards. If you applied for an award, please log out to see the full list.

Name Title Campussort icon Department
Alison Aune-Hinkel Minnesota-Nordic Pattern Paintings Duluth Art & Design
Qiang Fang Struggling for a Better Solution: Communist China and the Minorities Duluth History
Maureen Tobin Stanley Single-authored Book project: Justice through Memory: Repression, Oppression and Incarceration in Contemporary Spanish Cultural Studies Duluth Foreign Languages & Literatures
Ryan Frane Original music for small jazz ensemble. Duluth Music
Ann Bergeron Performing Arts Training Re-Imagined: Teaching with Acoustical Guidance Duluth Theatre
Chongwon Park Writing and Technology: From Cuneiform to Text-messaging Duluth Writing Studies
eun-kyung suh Transracial adoptees' diaspora Duluth Art & Design
Steve Bardolph New Perspectives on Mesa Verde and the Chesapeake Bay Duluth Art & Design
Stanley Wold A Longitudinal Study of the Relationship Between Early Pedagogical Steps and Final Public Choral Performances Duluth Music
William Salmon Dimensions of Prestige in Belizean Kriol Duluth Writing Studies
Rachel Inselman Cultivating a Partnership with the Tatui Conservatory in Brazil Duluth Music
Jefferson Campbell Performance and Premiere of new composition at IDRS Tokyo 2015 Duluth Music
David Edmund Modular Creativity: Musical Adaptations for Students With Profound Physical and Mental Disabilities Duluth Music
Jamie Ratliff Presence of Mind, Absence of Voice: Contemporary women's art practice in Mexico, 1968-present Duluth Art & Design
Weiqing Zhang In Search Of Lishao Jushi: How First Social-political Appeals Made Heard Through Literary Translation Duluth Foreign Languages & Literatures
Gideon Mailer Slavery and the Splintering of American Moral Philosophy from the Revolution to the Civil War. Duluth History
Hilary Kowino The Interface between Home and Belonging in African Literature Duluth English
Erik Redix Deluge at Bakweyawaa: American Colonialism in the Twentieth Century Duluth American Indian Studies
Ryuta Nakajima Behavioral Ecology of Cephalopods and Art: Ethogram and Entropy as tools to decode the visual language of cephalopod. Duluth Art & Design
David Short "New Typeface" Evolution for Multiple Mediums Duluth Art & Design
Olaf Kuhlke Parallel Lives: Ralph Waldo Emerson and the Freemasons in mid-19th Century Boston Duluth Geography, Urban, Environment and Sustainability Studies
Justin Rubin Chamber Music with Strings, Piano, and Winds Duluth Music
Eugene Koshinski A Multimedia Work for Live Performance and Digital/Physical Distribution Duluth Music
Kristen Pless Monarch Butterfly- Historic Photographic Prints Duluth Art & Design
Alexander Chernyshev Music without the Border Duluth Music
Michael Lackey Creating History Through the Biographical Novel Morris English
Tisha Turk Sound Judgment: Music and Sound in Fan Vids and the Writing Classroom Morris English
John Flinn An Analysis of Morton Gould's Compositional Style Morris Music
Jennifer Deane Grundmann's Legacy: Reform, Renewal, and Religious Movements in the Middle Ages Morris History
Michael Eble Where the land and sea meet: A painter's investigation of coastal Louisiana Morris Humanities_Studio Art