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Provost's Imagine Fund for Arts and Humanities

2011 Imagine Fund Annual Award Winners

We are proud to announce the recipients and proposals that were accepted for the 2016 Imagine Fund Annual Awards. 109 awards in support of research in the arts, design, and the humanities were announced in March 2016, for the 2016-17 academic year.

Please note: Applicants who are logged in to the system will not see the full list of awards. If you applied for an award, please log out to see the full list.

Namesort icon Title Campus
Hakim Abderrezak Literary and Cultural Representations of Western Mediterranean Migrations: A Book Project Twin Cities
Rosita Albert Understanding and Ameliorating Ethnic Conflicts Worldwide Twin Cities
Joseph R Allen Illustrations for Forthcoming Book, Twin Cities
John Archer Building in Conflict Twin Cities
Fernando Arenas “Between Migration and Citizenship: Cultural Imaginings at the Borderlines of Africa and Europe” Twin Cities
John Arthur African Immigrant Diaspora Non-Public Organizations and Homeland Development: A Case Study of Ghana Duluth
Catherine B. Asher Hindu architecture in 17th – 19th century India Twin Cities
Thomas Ashworth Recording of Jazz Repertoire, as Solo Trombonist with Piano, Bass and Drums Twin Cities
Alison Aune Dekorglädje: Minnesota-Nordic-Baltic Paintings Duluth
Christine Baeumler Pollinator Playground Twin Cities
David Baldwin CD recording: Mozart and Bach Twin Cities
Steve Bardolph Re-Imaging and Imagining the Beautiful and Sublime: Phase 5 Duluth
David Beard Digitizing the McLuhan Archive: Duluth
William Beeman The Role of Opera in Post-Socialist Germany Twin Cities
Ann Bergeron Back to the Stage: Finding my Tap Dance "voice" as a Performer Duluth
Ritu Bhatt Everyday Aesthetics and Cognition: A study of Tibetan Mandalas Twin Cities
Hisham Bizri Migration Twin Cities
Jane Blocker "The Prosthetic Work of History" Twin Cities
Timothy Brennan In Search of the Universal: Hegel and World Literature Twin Cities
Daniel Brewer Partial Recall: Memory Spaces of the French Eighteenth Century (book) Twin Cities
Matthew Bribitzer-Stull Anthology of Music for Analysis and Performance Twin Cities
Evan Brier American Novels and the Conglomerate: 1965-1999 Duluth
Sarah Buchanan Nyama, Creation and Destruction in Souleymane Cissé’s Yeelen Morris
Jefferson Campbell Commission of chamber ballet and exploration of electro-acoustical music for bassoon Duluth
Matthew Canepa Iran between Alexander and Islam: he Global Idea of Kingship in the Hellenized and Iranian Near East, Central and South Asia. Twin Cities
Paul Cannan Shakespeare for Everyone: The Publication and Reception of Shakespeare’s Works, 1790–1902 Duluth
Cesare Casarino Sex and the South: Pasolini, Gramsci, Subalternity. Twin Cities
Bianet Castellanos Rethinking Remittances among Maya Immigrants in Southern California Twin Cities
Sarah Chambers Émigrés and Citizens: Migrations and Identities during South American Independence from Spain Twin Cities
David Chang Native Hawaiians and Global Geography in the 19th Century Twin Cities