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Provost's Imagine Fund for Arts and Humanities

2009 Imagine Fund Annual Award Winners

We are proud to announce the recipients and proposals that were accepted for the 2009 Imagine Fund Annual Awards. 217 awards representing $651,000 in support for research in the arts, design, and the humanities were made in 2010.

Please note: Applicants who are logged in to the system will not see the full list of awards. If you applied for an award, please log out to see the full list.

Namesort icon Title Campus
Joseph R Allen Classical Chinese Literature in the Modern World Twin Cities
John Anderson Recording Music of Joao Guilherme Ripper Twin Cities
Fernando Arenas Between Emigration and Citizenship: Cultural Imaginings of the Cape Verdean Diaspora in Portugal Twin Cities
Frederick Asher Sites of the Buddha's Life Twin Cities
Catherine Asher The Shrine of Shahul Hamid: Engendering Harmony across India's Communities Twin Cities
Tom Ashworth A Recorded Collection of Diverse Solo Repertoire for the Trombone and Euphonium Twin Cities
Alison Aune Dekorgladje: Minnesota-Nordic inspired Paintings Duluth
Christine Baeumler An Amazonian Menagerie in an Age of Transition Twin Cities
David Baldwin CD Recording of Twelve Grand Artistic Studies for trumpet by August Saint-Jacome (1874) Twin Cities
Steve Bardolph Re-Imaging and Imagining the Beautiful and Sublime: Phase 3 Duluth
David Beard Archival Research for Monograph: The Anglo-American Roots of the New Rhetoric Duluth
William Beeman Opera Culture in Central Europe In Hard Economic Times Twin Cities
Ann Bergeron Los Angeles Tap Fest and Tap Mat for Performance Duluth
Ritu Bhatt Everyday Aesthetics and Cognition: An Exploration of Tibetan Buddhist Spatial Practices Twin Cities
Hisham Bizri Song for the Deaf Ear Twin Cities
Jane Blocker "The Prosthetic Work of History" Twin Cities
Martin Bock Essays on Joseph Conrad and the History of Medicine Duluth
Timothy Brennan "Postcolonial Empires: Writing Resistance?" Twin Cities
Daniel Brewer Spaces of War (book index), Patrial Recall (book manuscript) Twin Cities
Matthew Bribitzer-Stull Anthology of Music for Classroom Performance and Analysis Twin Cities
Evan Brier American Novels in the Conglomerate Age: An Institutional Account Duluth
C. Lance Brockman Documenting Historic Scenic Art Twin Cities
Tony Brown German Language Enhancement Twin Cities
Mary Frances Brown Imaginary Courts: The Romances of Antiquity and the Construction of Court Culture in the Twelfth Century Twin Cities
Michael Browne The Boat People Twin Cities
Blaine Brownell Matter in the Floating World Twin Cities
Gloria DeFilipps Brush As yet Untitled Photographic Series on Language Tactility and Visual Nuance Duluth
Elizabeth Bye The Integration of Ultrasonic Welder Technology into Apparel Design Practice Twin Cities
Juli Caceres Garcia The Iberian "Macho." Masculinity in the Iberian Sexy Comedy Duluth
Jefferson Campbell Commission and Premiere of New Music for the Bassoon b American Composers Duluth