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Provost's Imagine Fund for Arts and Humanities

Out of Synch: Pollinators in a Changing Climate, A Public Art Project

I explore art as a catalyst to increase awareness about environmental issues and to facilitate stewardship. Over the past five years, a main focus of my artistic practice has been concerned with the plight of pollinators. I have been invited by Steve Dietz, the Executive Director of Northern Spark, to develop an environmental public art and phenology project about the impact of climate change on pollinators for Northern Spark Pubic Art event in June of 2017.

I am requesting Imagine Funds to begin research for this new public art initiative by joining the Earthwatch Expedition, Conserving Wild Bees and other Pollinators of Costa Rica in July of 2016. I will gather imagery and sound for the public art project through photographs, audio recordings, and video documentation of wild bees, hummingbirds, nectar feeding bats and other pollinators. The Earthwatch expedition is led by Valeri Peters, Assistant Professor of Biology, Department of Biological Sciences, Eastern Kentucky University. I will participate in Dr. Peters citizen science project through observing pollinators and collecting data. Working with Dr. Peters and her scientific team in Central America will expand my understanding of how the synchrony between pollinators and plants are impacted by climate change. My goal is to develop an art project that incorporates a participatory phenology component. This dimension of the project will be developed in collaboration with scientists and the Master Naturalist organization. I will investigate how citizen science can be incorporated visually and poetically into the fabric of an art project that communicates the effects of climate change.

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