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Provost's Imagine Fund for Arts and Humanities

New Music for Bassoon Tour and Recording

This grant application covers several different parts of the same, larger project of touring, presenting new music for bassoon and disseminating these new works among some of the largest audiences for the instrument.

Part 1: Texas Tour

Some of the largest schools of music in the United States are in the state of Texas. I have spent the past three years establishing and growing relationships with performers and teachers in the state of Texas, and am working on scheduling a state-wide tour for the Fall of 2016. (There is far more I can explain here)
Part 2: Completion of recording project including new works
One of my Imagine Grant Annual Faculty Awards was given to record new music for the bassoon for a CD or High Definition video for promotion and dissemination of this new music. That project has entered the final phase, and the funding has been completely earmarked for completion. Since that original grant, I have had several new works composed for me that I would like to include, which requires studio recording time, perfomer fees, and production costs (producing, editing). I would like to ask for enough funding to add these pieces to the original project and complete it with the new works. The combination of the tour in Texas and a finalized recording will mean that the works that I have worked to commission, create, promote and disseminate for the past 8 years would have the best opportunity for creating a new repertoire within the bassoon community.

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