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Provost's Imagine Fund for Arts and Humanities

International artists and pedagogues nurture teacher candidates’ active intercultural music teaching

In this project, I examine the impact of international artist residencies on nurturing active intercultural music teaching mindset among general music teacher candidates. Scholars have argued for intercultural sensitivity among teacher candidates for effective teaching in diverse US classrooms. Additionally brain science continues to generate innovative opportunities to enhance the learning mind through music, games and active learning.

Brain-based teaching team Ellen Weber, and Robyn McMaster (http://www.mitaleadership.com/mita_education/ed_index.htm) will prepare teacher candidates to develop and use brain-based learning practices to promote innovative thinking in teaching in October 2016. Master performing artist, Bernard Woma, and Saakumo Dance Troupe (http://www.dagaramusic.org/saakumu/) will conduct intensive artist-in-residence workshops culminating in an interdisciplinary arts performance in February 2017. Duo Gelland, an international violin duo from Sweden will share their unique approach to nurturing improvisation among children in April 2017. The Woma/Saakumo Dance Troupe residency in Black History Month enriches university offerings as well as curriculum-related objectives about Africans in the Diaspora. The Duo Gelland residency (http://www.duogelland.com/) coincides with early childhood field experience and facilitates exploring how teaching improvisation in music increases their understanding of early childhood teaching. Work with Ellen Weber, and Robyn McMaster will prepare teacher candidates to hone intercultural pedagogy with brain science. Content analysis of music teacher candidates’ discussions during residencies illustrates the residencies' impact on their active, intercultural teaching.

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