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Single Source, High Intensity Lighting

Lighting design is essentially the use of modern technologies to reinforce the ideas and emotions contained within a live performance. As designers, we replicate the psychological and physiological effects of both natural light (sunlight and moonlight) and live flame (candles, torches, etc.) We use movement, color and contrast (shadow is an essential element of any authentic lighting design) to create stage environments appropriate to the production.

In the past two years, I have attempted to incorporate single-source lighting into several creative projects; these include Hive for Black Label Movement at the Cowles Center, Tartuffe for Berkeley Repertory Theatre and the Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, D.C. and most recently a film noir interpretation of Don Giovanni for Lyric Opera Kansas City and a world premier of Minnesota Dance Theater’s Traces. It has been my experience that single-source lighting, because it yields a single, very distinct shadow, (or at the very least a very strong sense of direction) “feels” more authentic, more realistic than light from multiple sources and multiple directions.

The next step in my exploration of single-source lighting is to expand my available inventory of high-wattage sources of light. I would like to purchase at least (4) 5,000 watt Fresnel stage lights and rehabilitate the existing 6,000 watt dimmers currently sitting unused in Rarig Center.

This project requires the help of a Research Assistant (for at least 40 hours) as well as some 50amp stage cable and connectors, along with some custom steel enclosures for the 6kw dimmers.

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