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Provost's Imagine Fund for Arts and Humanities

Chicano Digital Art Exhibit

I request funds to curate and create a digital art exhibit on Chicano art. This exhibit builds on the work of Jesus Estrada-Pérez, my graduate co-advisee with Dr. Edén Torres. Mr. Estrada-Pérez passed away unexpectedly in August 2015. He was writing a dissertation on gay Chicano artists from Los Angeles. His dissertation engaged with how race, gender, sex, and nation intersect to shape Chicano same-sex desire, artistic practice, community formation, and social activism. For these artists, art becomes a way to not only make sense of and critique popular representations of race and sexuality, but also to imagine alternative ways of being that challenge structural oppression. Mr. Estrada-Perez brought to light the worldviews and aesthetics of artists making art at the margins, but whose work is richly informed by a history of political struggles and social movements.

I propose to build on Mr. Estrada-Pérez’s scholarship by creating a digital art exhibit on queer Chicano art. The exhibit will begin by showcasing the eight artists featured in Mr. Estrada-Pérez’s dissertation, but will expand to include twelve additional artists who imagine a world otherwise. I currently head a committee curating a small exhibit on Mr. Estrada-Pérez’s life and work. This experience, including the seven years I worked with Mr. Estrada-Pérez, provide me with the knowledge and contacts necessary to develop this project. The first of its kind, this rich archive of visual culture will contribute greatly to scholarship in gender, queer, and Chicano/Latino studies and will be made available to the public.

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