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Provost's Imagine Fund for Arts and Humanities

Exploring the Capacities of Digital Storytelling to Theorize the Learning Body

I seek funding to participate as a visiting scholar at the StoryCenter (formerly the Center for Digital Storytelling) in Berkeley, CA. The StoryCenter is at the cutting edge of developing innovative, participatory media methods applicable to public health, higher education, and civic engagement projects. As a long-standing grassroots media production organization, StoryCenter is well known for bringing academics, activists, and artists together in collaborative settings through which individuals and groups create new networks and new media products. In this environment, I will be able to shape and advance my work on embodied practices in education, from the medical school to the technology enhanced classroom.

I have chosen three of StoryCenter’s central topics to focus on for this project: technologies of the image, technologies of sound, and mobile technologies. I plan to translate my findings on embodiment and education into digital media as I did with my work on local childbirth support practitioners. With my increased experience in participatory media methods and research on technologies of education, I am well prepared to explore how these specific arenas of digital storytelling (image, sound, and mobility) can contribute to my capacity to create innovative analyses and productions that both theorize and represent my research. Exploring the capacity for digital storytelling to account for the learning body has the potential to deepen conceptions of how technologies of the body function as sites for education.

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