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Provost's Imagine Fund for Arts and Humanities

Travel to Berlin and London for continued research on Bertolt Brecht as part of Brecht in America work.

My study for the past two years has been on German playwright and director Bertolt Brecht's unique collaboration practices, particularly his collaborations with women artists. My particular interest is with actor Helene Weigel, director Ruth Berlau and writer Elisabeth Hauptmann. He had long and fruitful collaborations with all three, sometimes at a high cost to them. This June, I will research at two sites overseas; the 15th Symposium of the International Brecht Society in Oxford England (this year's theme is "Recycling Brecht") and the Berliner Ensemble/ Brecht archive in Berlin Germany.

At the IBS symposium I will be a respondent and round table member discussing a new play by my company called "Rehearsing Failure" about Berlau, Weigel, Brecht and Hauptmann during 1947, the last of seven years the collective spent in exile in America. This is also the focus on my study for "Brecht's America" the Institute for Advanced Study Research Collaborative that I have co-led for the past two years with Matthias Rothe from German Studies resulting in a variety of projects since fall 2014.

In Berlin (with Rothe as my translator) I will research material related to the three women in Germany both before and after their time in exile, meet BE staff and see productions of Brecht and others. My research will be applied to the script and to my growing interest in bridging collaborative devising methods for creating dramatic material and the traditional role of a playwright. This will be applied to my work as head of the BA Performance Program,which has a clear focus on ensemble creation methodology, and on my work as a profession theatre director.

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