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Provost's Imagine Fund for Arts and Humanities

Clandestine Mediterranean Migrations in Art: A Book Project

My previous book, Ex-Centric Migrations tackles three migratory patterns in the Mediterranean, including clandestine migrations and their literary, cinematic, and musical representations. It did not include fine art, comics, and political cartoons. In addition, the geographic focus was contained to the western Mediterranean (France, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia). I am currently working on a second book project, which focuses exclusively on artistic representations of clandestine migration in this region, and examines the phenomenon as it is represented in eastern Mediterranean artistic expression in order to cover the current refugee crisis. This will allow me to provide a timely comparative study. My preliminary research has shown similarities between the eastern and western Mediterranean migrant and refugee crises, both in how they have unfolded and how they are treated by artists. This year I submitted two articles to peer-reviewed journals, which touch upon this recent global crisis and precisely how filmmakers, novelists, and musicians have depicted the Syrian crisis as a response to an often biased and incomplete mass media coverage. Next year, I will expand these articles into two chapters. In order to see the project through, I will need to cover crucial expenses. These include the purchase of pertinent books, CDs, and foreign DVDs, and the retention of an editorial assistant, who provided invaluable assistance for the completion of my first manuscript. The Imagine Fund will go a long way in helping me cover these costs and will thus allow for the completion of this much-needed scholarly text.

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