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Provost's Imagine Fund for Arts and Humanities

Horidraa, Golden Healing: Dancing for sustainability and recuperation

Horidraa is an evening-length dance theater piece about the work done by women in global communities of color to heal their families and communities. Drawing from stories of trauma that women, girls, and transwomen of color often hold inside their bodies, and in their memories, Horidraa will explore what healing can possibly feel like in this context.

Horidraa will be created through a year-long process including research, workshops, story-sharing circles, community dialogues, rehearsals, and performances. The creative process will include dancers working with text and movement to investigate trauma and healing in collaboration with a range of collaborators: Dr. Roli Dwivedi and Dr. Madhuri Shors, medical practitioners from Community University Health Care Center; Dakota healer Cetanskan BadMoccassin; behavioural artist Marcus Young; and theater artist Shá Cage. We will explore the embodiment of tensions and parallels between traditional healing practices based on inter-personal listening and sharing, natural and indigenous recipes, and innovative artistic work, and scientific methods delivered by institutionalized medicine.

The project will culminate in two performances in September 2015 as part of The O’Shaughnessy Women of Substance series.

The goals of this project are to lift up dance as a way to investigate healing as a relational, community-based experience, supported by natural recipes and culinary practices, deeply related to women’s daily work; bring together bodily knowing, artistic processes, and social justice work to create an evening-length performance; suggest the vital ways in which women’s work sustains our world; and performatively archive these little-known practices.

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