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Provost's Imagine Fund for Arts and Humanities

International Business Ethics: East meets West

I propose to develop a new study abroad course in Hong Kong, available to students across the University of Minnesota campuses, entitled "International Business Ethics: East meets West". The course would examine cross-cultural approaches to values such as corporate social responsibility, honesty, and trust; it would also focus on topics such as cultural relativism and universal rights, fair trade practices, and trade-offs concerning economic growth and the environment.

The imagine funds would be used to support a course development trip to Hong Kong, where I could recruit expert faculty and business executives to participate in the program. The funds would also be used to purchase books and teaching materials for the course.

This program would build on my recent teaching experience in China, where I taught courses at Peking University (Beijing) and Shanghai University for Finance and Economics. The course grows out of my research on cross-cultural diversity in moral and aesthetic judgments, and would hopefully lead to fruitful research collaborations for myself and students.

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