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Provost's Imagine Fund for Arts and Humanities

Recording of the Complete Chamber Works for Flute by Nikolai Kapustin

Nikolai Kapustin has, in the past fifteen years, become one of the most popular composers of our time. He is a Russian pianist and composer living in Moscow, who, until recently, was only known in his home country and by a few musicians who specialize in Russian piano music. He has written four pieces that feature flute, two of which were written at my request.

What makes Mr. Kapustin's music compelling is that he is one of the few composers who has successfully blended different styles of music into one, cohesive sound that is truly his own. His specialty is jazz. He has found a way to write music in such a way that it sounds, to the listener, improvised, even though the performer is reading traditional music notation. His music is complex, yet it "swings" in a way a jazz tune might.

My original Imagine Fund Proposal was to do a recording of the flute sonata that he wrote for me, and a trio for flute cello and piano. I was planning on releasing them in "digital-only" format (iTunes or other digital download stores). Since then, Mr. Kapustin has written a duo for flute and cello, written expressly for me, and also sent me a piece for two flutes, cello and piano. Having these two new pieces slightly expands my original idea, and now I wish to make a "Complete Chamber Works for Flute" CD. Naxos, the International recording company has expressed an interest in releasing this recording.

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